We began thinking about our brand by performing a visual analysis of our competitors. We created a spreadsheet, then parsed through our findings by affinity diagraming key takeaways.

Our top competitors were:

Nike Training, Peleton and Strava

Key Market Takeaways:

•The current market appeals to people already interested in and knowledgeable about fitness.

• There is an opportunity to cater to those that want to become fit and don’t have the knowledge or resources.

• There is opportunity to created tailored workouts to fit the needs of those that are physically compromised.

Key Visual Takeaways:

• The current brand visuals are modern and streamlined

• Brand identities are focused on optimization and masculinity

• There is an opportunity for color and graphics, without compromising optimization. Since we are providing tailored workouts to those with health conditions, a more approachable tone should be explored.