Aurigo Engage

UX Design 


Aurigo Engage is a SaaS solution offering an efficient solution for capturing public feedback during infrastructure capital planning, utilizing AI to streamline the typically slow and manual process. The online tool provides an interactive public portal for sharing plans, enabling better insights using sentiment analysis, early incorporation of feedback, and enhanced trust in the process while ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local requirements.

The Team:
Deepa Srinivasan
Bianca Srivastava

My Role:

UX Designer


The slow and manual nature of traditional public feedback methods was further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring a digital do-over. We wanted to create a platform that was able to encpsulate all the nuances of public sentiment traditionally gathered in
person, online, to better inform upcoming infrastructure projects and the communities they affect.


Socioeconomic representation had to be captured in order to gather accurate, weighted sentiment analysis. 
Projects had to be laid out geographically for voting participants to correctly identify which projects affected them in the near and
projected future.

Campaign managers needed a way to clearly advertise projects in order to recieve public opinion.


Community members can directly vote on the interactive GIS map for current and future infrastructure projects in their area. They are able to rate the project and offer comments if they have outstanding opinions on the campaign. Comments and ratings work together to create an informed sentiment analysis on projects
and campaigns.

Campaign managers can view the average sentiment, number of comments, approval rating and general details per project at a glance in the list view, as well as filter through projects to get a focused view. This allows campaign teams to quickly identify and focus on their biggest gaps.

Campaign managers are able to create and promote campaigns on various social media using a 4 step process in order to promote campaigns, expanding their reach to a wider audience of constituents, and effectively soliciting feedback.

The dashboard view provides campaign managers with a sentiment overview over time, distribution over the region to ensure diversity in public voting, public rating score and comment disposition

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